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Become an Artist ...

TRY The BOOSTERDRY Challenge !!

Embrace creativity with Boosterdry Foams, and captivate your audience.

" There is Always Something Happening Around a Cocktail "

Artists at Work ...

Always Ready

Unlimited Creations

Be at the TOP of your Art


Boosterdry Bering Rock Vodka foam. Perfect for shooter toppings, amazing with premixes, soft drinks or liquors. (Video by Vitaly Kolpin - Flair & Bartender session - Seoul - Korea)


Easy to Use

100% Guarantee Taste

Explored New Dimensions

Sans tààitre_edited.jpg

Boosterdry Morand Williamine foam. perfect for enhancing your cocktails. With its delicate texture and exquisite pear flavor, it blends harmoniously with a variety of ingredients to create unique, refined cocktails.

(Video by Miriam Santiago - Crans Ambassador - Crans Montana - Switzerland)


And NOW, Become an Artist Too ...

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