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Discover Boosterdry's

Expertises & Commitments 


First rule: A Leading brand needs to Work with the Best and Respect Highest industry Standards.

Explore our expertises and commitments to production, safety, quality, and environmental responsibility. All these principles are integrated into every production process, ensuring products excellence while minimizing our Environmental Impact.

With leading industry experts, we adhere to the highest standards, delivering quality and sustainability.

A French Production

The first production site for Boosterdry® distribution in Europe and Asia is strategically located in France, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, at the crossroads of Europe, just 30 minutes from Lyon and 1h30 from Geneva. 

specialized and dedicated food production site with a surface area over 75,000 Sqft, meeting all the latest hygiene and environmental standards guarantees Boosterdry products a high quality and total traceability.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

HACCP Food Standard Compliant

Expertises and Compliance

R&D and Laboratory

Our R&D division consists of multiple teams, each specializing in various areas such as food science, spirits, formulation, and industrialization. This approach allows us to leverage diverse expertise and resources to drive innovation and ensure the highest quality standards in our products.


Standards & Regulations

The production site is certified ISO 9001:2015 and complies with HACCP food safety standard. Our Quality and Regulation department meticulously oversee every stage of the process to ensure compliance with the latest European regulations, guaranteeing the highest quality products for our customers.

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Quality Control

Raw materials and components are selected according to stringent standards, and undergo statistical sampling upon arrival. Throughout production, aerosols are sampled and inspected for expansion, crimping, pressure, flow rate, and other parameters.

Additionally, each aerosol packaging line features an automatic 50°C bath for leak and defect detection, ensuring product integrity and quality.

Boosterdry & Environment Commitments


Promoting Planet Friendly Processes, Building a Better Future.

We Strive to Preserve the Environment and Minimize our Carbon Footprint. 

This approach is reflected at every step of the product life cycle: from the selection of raw materials to the choice of packaging and the reduction of Polluant Emissions.

Reasonable Energy Consumption

Energy consumption have been rationalized and optimized at the production site.

Fossil energy has been replaced with cleaner, environmentally friendly energy sources.

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Preserving Water and Soil

In order to preserve and protect water and soil, an evaporator-concentrator treats industrial wastewater, considerably reducing the quantities of waste generated. 


All our packaging is fully recyclable, and we are constantly working toward eco designed packaging.

- Completely recyclable cardboard boxes and lids

- Cardboard boxes made with recycled paper

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